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Women in Malawi are playing a huge role in the daily development process of the country. Engaged in both productive and carrying the burden of much of the reproductive work, their contribution to a future and more prosperous Malawi can not be ignored any longer. Join us in sharing the key issues affecting the women and girls of Malawi.

Explore Malawian writers and learn its languages and cultures compiled by fine artists from within and abroad.

The silent role of culture in Malawi's development trajectory is a major oversight in understanding the success of many interventions. This page opens up to the power of anthropological understanding to model development programs in the country.

Lest we forget. Malawi has tons of folktales that shape its society today, told in various languages, and has nationally enjoyed rhymes, rhetoric and tunes passed across centuries.

With so much to do, the collection of wildlife, freshwater lake and rivers, beautiful mountains and villages, Malawi remains one of the most beautiful undiscovered places on the planet.

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