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Innovation is not just limited to the natural sciences, as Hleziwe Hara proves our stereotypes wrong. She believes that lives of people, particularly the youth, can be transformed by keeping them  busy in productive activities. Read all about the transformative work she is doing, using culture and couture as her biggest assets.

Panashe Jere is more than what describes the typical 11-year old in Malawi. He joins our list of game-changers as the youngest problem-solver in the tech world so far. With a whole life ahead of him, Panashe is only just beginning. 

William is a huge inspiration to the world of physical sciences and development. Negative circumstances pushing him into oblivion were the birth of an ingenious idea that keeps the world talking about this 'boy who harnessed the wind'!

Those that understand the impact of HIV and AIDS in one of the world's poorest countries, Malawi, will understand the importance of innovation around the containment and management of an epidemic that resembles a plague. Mahara M'mangisa, at 9, wants to change all that. Read his amazing inspiring story that will make medical and development professionals smile with hope.

Sometimes, experiences in life can drive you towards taking action. And, in Novilhelha's story, it meant addressing a challenge close-at-heart, and transcending this boundary to providing a sustainable solution for many others through her work on eco-friendly beauty products. Her story is as impressive as the innovation she is working on. 

Rachel is a young woman who has not taken no for an answer. Her inspiring story in the world of information technology and science makes every girl, boy, woman and man aspire for skills acquisitions that will transform the world. 

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