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5 Things Job Seekers Look for in a New Employer

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Summarized from an article by Kristine Price

1. Career Development & Potential for Growth: Job seekers are often looking for a place that they can learn, grow, and develop both as a person and as a professional. Job seekers want to work for employers that will meaningfully invest in their employees. With career development, there is purpose and vision, and job seekers want both.

2. Work-Life Balance: Job seekers are also looking for employers who make sure that their employees are able to have meaningful lives outside of the office. And if you provide room for success in the workplace, you must provide room for success out of the workplace. Not only will your employees thank you but so will the well-being of your organization.

3. Organization’s Culture & Work Environment: While job packages or company incentives may be appealing, an organization’s culture and work environment greatly determine whether or not an employee will fit. Does your organization provide a healthy, positive, and encouraging environment for its employees? Does your organization value success and recognition?

4. Company’s Values & Vision: A sense of belonging to an organization that has sound values and praxis is incredibly appealing to a job seeker who gets to be a part of an admirable reputation. A job seeker wants to be a part of an organization with principles that they not only respect, but that they believe in.

5. Leadership: An important and valuable characteristic that often gets overlooked is the role of leadership and mentorship to a job candidate. Having leadership or individuals within an organization who mentor, advise, instruct, and encourage their employees along the way greatly benefits both the culture fit and the role execution of new employees.

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